How to Boost Your Energy Levels

The world is hungry for energy. You read about it, hear about it, and talk about it. New energy, green energy, alternative sources of energy, wind power, solar power, electric power. Seventeen new natural gas wells are being drilled in Louisiana alone, it is called the bridge fuel. All major car manufacturers are releasing full […]

Do People Like You?

In order to influence people, you have to be liked and to be liked you have to be likable. So, how can we be likable? Below is a short list of what it takes to be a likable person, for a more complete understanding with a lot more examples from people’s lives you can download […]

How To Increase Your Influence

Why are you reading this? More than likely you would like to know how to increase your influence, so let’s begin. An investigation revealed that even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of a person’s success came from their technical knowledge and about 85% was due to their skills in getting along with […]

Becoming the Best I Can Be

We all want to be the best we can be. But how? We live in such a competitive world that we often fall into the trap of trying to be not our best, but better than the other person. This of course only leads to frustration, jealousy and an unfulfilled life. So how can we […]