Want More Energy Out of Life?

So how can we get energy, strength, and excitement out of life? By the time you’re 18, you’ve watched over 18,000 hours of TV, listened to over 11,000 hours of music, plus thousands of hours on social media. That is well over thirty to forty thousand hours of entertainment. That’s almost ten years of your […]

Too Early To Quit!

All of us have failed at things, faced disappointments, and have gone through seasons of discouragement. What seems to make the difference in people’s lives is not what they face, but instead the willingness not to quit. Don’t quit, there’s one round left, that was a famous line from one of the old Rocky movies. […]

You Can Change Your Future

We all have many things in common, but there’s one big thing we all have in common and when this is understood we can change our future. So what is this big thing that can change our future? All of us live our lives out of a narrative, a story. Regardless of our background, religion, […]