Becoming a Great Leader

All of us have the capacity to lead, some more than others. However, all of us can increase our influence in this area. When one thinks of leadership, they often think of those with a commanding presence, square jaws, big voices. However, that image does not hold up. In my years of training and helping to […]

Go The Distance

The hardest run in baseball is between third base and home base, and like baseball, this is true in life. Going the distance and staying focused can be done and must be done if we are going to make it to home base. Two very BIG truths must be captured and made a part of […]

Stop Hiding

There is an interesting and far reaching thought discovered in the book of Genesis. Soon after the first man Adam sinned, God asked him a question, “Where are you?” His response has become our response, and it has affected us emotionally, biologically and spiritually. His response was that he was hiding among the trees of […]

The Parrot

Stay Encouraged. How? Life is not a destination; it’s a journey. When this is not understood we often miss out on the moment, and after all life is made up of moments and we want lots of them. Let’s stay encouraged. A widow was lonely so she was told to buy a parrot and it […]