Why Serve?

All of us have the capacity to lead, some more than others. However, all of us can increase in this area. When one thinks of leadership, they often think of those with a commanding presence, square jaws, big voices. However, that image does not hold up. In my years of training and helping to develop […]

Don’t Lose Sight

Take a number. That was what the man heard after placing his item for purchase in front of the cashier. There was no one else in line, but there was a system, and the system was taking a number. The man approached the clerk with his purchase when she only looked at him and said, […]

How To Have a Constant Flow of Energy

How can we live with a constant flow of energy? Is there a law of vitality? This flow of energy develops when we hold thoughts of hopefulness, confidence, positiveness and goodwill. When these types of thoughts dominate our mind, they result in high levels of energy. The entire universe is charged with a constant flow […]

Awakening The Leader In You

You can awaken your abilities. December 7, 1941. The place, Peal Harbor. It was filled with battleships and destroyers. Without any warning and within two hours the Japanese had claimed the lives of 2,400 Americans, wounded another 1,178, damaged or destroyed 18 American battleships plus nearly 300 planes were destroyed or damaged. It looked like […]