What is Money?

If I were to hold up a hundred dollar bill and ask the question, what is this? I’m sure I would get a variety of responses. Some would say, money, paper, legal tender. Others would see what money can do or purchase and may comment on its buying power or its ability to pay off […]

Being Trustworthy

Trust is one of the highest forms of motivation, and people want to be extended trust. But you can only give trust to those that are trustworthy. That leads me to this conclusion which is for me to be trustworthy I need to be two things, predictable and dependable. In the Bible 2 Timothy 2:2 […]

Staying Healthy

All of us desire health; we want to stay healthy in all areas of life. We all want the physical ability to function at our best, to have a life filled with interest, excitement, achievement, fulfillment and peace of mind. However, many of us are robbing ourselves from this kind of life without realizing it. […]

Who Told You?

You can reach your full potential, but it will require you to question and stand up to the “Who Told You’s.” Soon after the first man, Adam had fallen from grace, God had a conversation with him and asked him several questions one being, “Adam who told you that you were naked?” It is those […]

Stay Motivated

Motivation is a powerful thing; it has the ability to change us, move us and bring about amazing results. The challenge has been how to stay motivated. If we depend on the external to stay Motivated it will be a hit and miss, to stay Motivated we need the internal, so let me help you […]