Be an Effective Friend

Effective friendships, we all need them if we plan on being useful in life. So what are some of the keys to effective friendships? Let me tell you a story. Mrs. Neese was an Executive Assistant to Tom VanBeek; she was fantastic, best he had ever had, she could work tirelessly day in and day […]

You Can Be an Achiever

All of us desire to achieve; God created us to accomplish, excel and advance. Often we face disappointments and with those we draw back to a safe and comfortable place. But you can achieve, there’s more in you. Read the following and let it light a fire to achieve. So, are you ready? Let me […]

The Value of The Whole

Why Principles? Rules usually apply to specific situations and can be different and change with time, cultures, and countries. But a principle is something that applies and works regardless of time, situations, people or cultures. Principles foster thinking, reason, and train the mind to see beyond, to judge the future based on present circumstances. It […]

Moving Out of Darkness

There are times when we all face great disappointments or such a hard blow that everything looks hopeless. It’s times like this that we need God’s guidance on how to confront the darkness that has engulfed us. A well-known physician made this valuable observation about patients he knew that were facing extreme situations. He said, […]