Health and Wellness

Plato said, “The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind.” Hippocrates, who might be called the father of medicine taught his students to note the emotional state and general background of their patients. He believed that health is affected by the mind, and that […]

The Dignity of Work

Does your work have dignity? Strange question? But before you respond, continue to read. Most of us hold the philosophy that work is a means to an end, so good work is work that pays us enough so we can support our families and pay others to do the menial jobs. A lower paying job […]

How to Be Happy

Dr. E. Stanley Jones told of an experiment a hospital did on a dog. The little dog became somewhat of a mascot and befriended the staff; it wagged its tail each time one of the doctors or nurses spoke to it. An incision was made into the bone of the dog’s leg, revealing a healthy […]

Keep Dreaming

Keep Dreaming, don’t give up on your dreams. In 1832, he lost his job and was defeated for the Illinois legislature. In 1833, his business failed. In 1836, he had a complete nervous breakdown; they said he was finished. In 1843, he was defeated for Congress. In 1849, They rejected him for a position as […]