Welcome 2018

What do you want this year? I’m sure the list might be a long one. But I’m sure there is one thing we all want and that one thing is summed up in the Bible scripture that says, “He that would love life and see good days.” We all want to be able to love […]

Merry Christmas

At least one time a year we get to write a different kind of Thought Transformer. We are so grateful for all the people that choose to read these thoughts every week as well as comment and pass them on. This year has been incredible for our family and us. We added a new member!


Your attitude towards life has more to determine what you do and how far you go than anything else. Let me introduce you to two men. As I sat in my office preparing for the week ahead I couldn’t help but notice the man vacuuming our office carpet; he was employed by the firm we […]

According to Your Faith

Lew Miller was shot five times in WW2. Two bullets went in his arm, one in his shoulder and two in his head. In the hospital his health declined, he lost so much weight that he looked like skin and bones. Then one day something happened to Lew Miller, he made a discovery that is […]

Making Sense of Your Story

Suppose you are at a bus stop when all of a sudden a stranger walks up to you and says, “The name of the persons are, Peter, John and Sam” then they vanish. You understand the words, but they don’t make sense! The only way they would make sense is if you knew the story […]