Are You Bored?

Harlan Howard had a boring job while in high school. He washed plates, scrubbed counters and served in the high school cafeteria. He hated his job, but since he was stuck with it he decided to study ice cream, how it was made, the ingredients used, why some were better than others. He studied the […]

Wild Bill

Wild Bill was one of the death camp survivors during WW2. He was one of the inmates of the concentration camp, but obviously, he hadn’t been there long (or so we thought) for his posture was erect, his eyes bright, his energy was strong. Because he was fluent in English, French, German and Russian, as […]


Work, what is it? First, let me respond by saying what it’s not. Most of us myself included have had a very narrow view of work, so think with me. Since the majority of our adult life will be spent working it only seems logical to eliminate wrong ideas of work, which would just add […]

True Success

Ralph Waldo Emerson considered by many to have been one of the greatest thinkers in America, said the following concerning success. “To laugh often and love much, to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of little children. To earn the appreciation of honest critics, to endure the betrayal of false friends, to […]