How Do you See You?

From the clothes you wear to the way you look, the profession you chose, the mate you select, the habits you acquire, the moral conduct you portray, were all influenced by the way you see yourself! What we believe about ourselves often imposes rigid and false limits on what we can accomplish. If you accept […]

I Dare You to Be Healthy

October 14, 1912, Teddy Roosevelt was 54 years old, and he was running for his third term for President of the United States as an Independent. As Mr. Roosevelt was making his way through the crowd, a lone gunman jumped in front of him and shot him at point-blank range the bullet sinking into his […]

Our Dog Winston

Our little dog Winston sleeps on our bed, gets daily walks with my wife, has his basket; he is fed regularly (and seems to tell us when he wants to eat) he is cared for and gets all the attention he craves. He has discovered the secret that most of us spend our lifetime trying […]

Are You Cocooning?

Marriage is the only relationship in which people are more likely to discuss important matters with each other then they were two decades ago. Today we confide less with our parents, siblings, children, other family members, co-worker, neighbors, friends, advisors, and others. But at least we are confiding more with our spouse! Sounds great, right?