God’s Blueprint For Success

Neil Postman wrote a book years back entitled “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” In his research, he discovered that knowledge derived from images, such as TV, video, encourages a short attention span, disjointed thinking and brings about an emotional response to life.  Imagine that he did all his research before the invention of social media!

The Worry Box

A man decided to do something about his worry habit, so he created the Thursday afternoon worry club. He was its only member, and this is what he did. Everything that brought on anxiety he would write it down and put it in a box that he would open on Thursday at 4 pm. At […]

Work, Work, Work!

Work, we’ve cursed it, struggled with it, at times loved it or hated it. But I hope to reveal it and to do it in such a way that brings personal fulfillment, freedom, and a full expression of you!  Without meaningful work, we sense inner loss and emptiness. Work allows us to thrive emotionally, physically […]

Don’t Stop Running!

Up until 1972, we had few running injuries, so what happened to change all that? In 1972 the first athletic shoe was invented by Nike. Up until that time people ran in thin-soled shoes, they had stronger feet and had a lower incidence of knee injuries. The athletic shoes became better and more expensive, and […]

The Great Paradox

Joy and enthusiasm are a great paradox because they can grow in any soil, and live under any condition, they defy the environment, they come from within, not from without. They don’t come from having, but from being, not of possessing, but of enjoying. They are a paradox because they can coexist with trials, tragedy, […]