Honest Appreciation

Back when there was zero income tax in the United States a person earning fifty dollars a week was considered well off. The famous steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie paid a thirty-eight-year-old man over a million dollars a year to become the first president of the newly formed United Steel company in 1921. Who was this […]

One Day Can Change Everything

Don’t make major decisions in times of stress, confusion or pressure. Why? Because one day can change everything! In 2008 I watched the stock market drop 900 points in one day! People panicked, including me, then a few days later in gained back all of its losses in one day! Don’t pass judgment on a […]

Too Soon to Quit

It was on Christopher Columbus’s maiden voyage to what now is America; that his men had grown weary after weeks without seeing any land or the signs of land. They spoke about going back, and in fact, it reached a place that if Columbus didn’t turn back, they would!! So he made a deal with […]

Purpose Creates Power

Mr. James had suffered a major heart attack and a stroke; he had become so disabled that for two years during his waking hours he sat on the edge of his bed and did nothing but stare at the wall. His wife later moved the both of them to our city so they could be […]