Twenty-One Words

In 1871 a young medical student was worried and upset over his future, like so many of us he was overthinking his path, “what area of medicine should I get into, what direction should I take.” Questions and thoughts like this are not uncommon but if they occupy all of our emotional real estates they […]

Lift Up Your Eyes

Several years ago a group of theologians and scientists began to study the paintings that cover the ceiling of the famous Sistine Chapel in Rome. In their study they were trying to determine what Michael Angelo had in mind, the colors were dull and muted, so they thought that perhaps the great Michael Angelo was […]


What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is a full pardon from the pain and penalty of sin. Forgiveness is a fresh start. Forgiveness is a new beginning; it’s another chance. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate. Forgiveness is the supernatural power that breaks the chains of bitterness and […]

Can You Change Your Future?

Alfred was born in Stockholm Sweden in 1833; he was a brilliant student, he became an inventor, chemist, and a linguist. In 1863 he exploded nitroglycerin and two years later invented dynamite, the mercury fulminate detonator, and the projectile propellant. But something was about to happen to Alfred that would change the course of his […]

From Low Energy to Vitality

57% of Americans say they are tired, and I think that what you are about to read is something that you and I need. But just don’t read it, practice it and see energy and vitality return. Ecclesiastes 11:10 NET translation says, “Banish emotional stress from your mind and put away pain from your body.” […]