Stress-Good or Bad?

A lot is said about stress today, and it’s also a common part of our conversation. My wife and I love to watch a television program about people moving overseas. It seems that one of the main reasons that people move abroad is to eliminate stress in their lives.  So is stress a good thing […]

Human Lobsters

The lobster doesn’t have much ambition. When the tide of the ocean rises, it carries him to the rocks, but as the tide goes out, the lobster will stay on the rocks and bake from the heat of the sun. To live all he has to do is make a small effort and begin to […]

Struggles are Beatable

The eagle is by far the most majestic bird; it’s called the king of birds, it represents freedom, strength, and authority. The eagle referred to in the Bible is the golden eagle or imperial eagle. Its wingspan is six to ten feet; it stands almost three feet tall, and can soar the heavens at an […]

Filled With Enthusiasm

H. W. Arnold said: “The worst bankrupt is the person who has lost enthusiasm. Let one lose everything, but enthusiasm and that person will again come through to success.” How can we be filled with enthusiasm?

Friendships, Real or Fake?

We live in a relational depletion! The average person today only has two real friends. What I mean by real friends are friends of commitment, not of convenience. 30% of Americans live alone! Friendships are the most critical ingredient in life! Friendships effect us regardless of our race, color or background. How far we go […]