Don’t Bury Your Life

There’s a fascinating story told in the Bible of a man that only had one talent, which represents ability and opportunity. Instead of using it he buried it. A lot of us today are like this man, we have buried ourselves in a prison of hopelessness, despair, and uselessness.

Passion or Familiarity?

It has been said that passion is the key that unlocks all the doors in your life! And the greatest enemy of passion is familiarity. Max Lucado wrote the following after he almost lost his little girl. I hope this speaks to you.

Don’t Hold It In

Keeping problems and difficulties to yourself is a dangerous way to live. You and I cannot bottle up within us the problems, adversities, and sorrows that have affected us. To use the old phrase, we need to, “get some things off our chest.”

Facing Life As It Is

Don’t say if things were different; I would do something. Do something anyway. To win you have to face life as it is now. In the 1800’s a young man discovered a vein of gold high up in the mountains. He needed money, knowledge, and abilities beyond him to get it out. He struggled, worked […]