Debt Can Be Deadly

When I speak of debt, and it’s dangers I refer to debt that either presumes upon the future (I’ll purchase this because I’m bound to make more in the future) or debt that puts us upside down, meaning we owe more then we own. This type of debt is dangerous. It creates an environment of […]

Evil Twins

And what are these evil twins? These evil twins disturb our days, haunt our nights, these twins tangle our mind with obsessions, they drain off our energy, they destroy inner peace, block our prayers, they reduce our effectiveness, frustrate our ambitions, poison the well out of which we draw our happiness. These twins make life […]


Without persistence, the chicken would never break out of the egg! Persistence is necessary for victory. Daniel in the Old Testament persisted for twenty-one days in prayer, and an angel came from God with a message. Esther persisted and had all of Israel pray and fast for three days, and she delivered a nation. Abraham […]

Wake Up!

Thomas Edison became the worlds greatest inventor and scientist, but before that, he was a telegraph operator. There was nothing special about that until in his failure he discovered the genius that God had placed within him. Sometimes it takes a setback or a failure for us to wake up!