Make Each Day Great – Part 1

It has always fascinated me that God only gives life in days! At the beginning of creation God made days, and after each of those days, He said it was good. So how can we say the same thing? The average life contains between 20,000 and 30,000 days, but God only gives them to us […]

Are You Educated?

Are you educated? Usually, when we think of an educated person, we think of one that has gone to college for an extended time and has earned the necessary degrees to back it up. We think of one that can converse on a vast arena of subjects and offer intelligent insights. All of this is […]

God’s Energy

Since God is the ultimate source of all energy and all energy in creation is renewable, it only makes sense that we can have a constant flow of energy, even into old age. But how? Acts 17:28 tells us, “In Him we live and move and have our being” Let’s examine this verse and see […]

Love is Amazing!

Jesus didn’t tell us to like our enemies, that’s almost impossible. He told us to love our enemies. “Like” is a sentimental and affectionate word. It’s hard to like someone that has tried to hurt or destroy you! How can we like someone who is threatening our children or bombing our schools or homes? That’s […]