You Can Have Mental and Emotional Health

Dr. O. F. Gober was one of the medical executives of the Santa Fe railroad. He said, “75% of all patients who come to doctors could cure themselves if they only got rid of their fears and worries.” He went on to say, “ Fear causes worry, worry makes you tense and nervous and affects […]

A Life of Hope

A study conducted on those who had survived the Nazi death camps during WW2 found that almost all survivors had one thing in common, naked hope. When they put their thoughts into the future, they used hope like a magnet to bring them to safety. What is hope?

The Power of Decision

Over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, said that it was because of a lack of decision. Procrastination is the opposite of decision. I remember well an old story of about procrastination. He was going to be all a mortal should be tomorrow. No one should be braver or kinder than he, tomorrow. […]

God is Always Speaking

J. C. Penny lay dying in the hospital. The doctors didn’t expect him to make it through the night. When to his surprise he woke up the next morning to the sound of singing. He opened the window and at the church across the way, they were singing “And God will take care of you”. […]

Make Each Day Great-Part 2

If you can change the day, you can change your life! Bold statement but it’s true. Because God only gives life in days, not weeks, months or years, but days. You can and should plan for the future, but you can only live today. Matthew 6:34 (message translation) says, “Give your entire attention to what […]