What Has You?

We all face struggles; we all have handicaps, so the question is not what we have but does it have us? Helen Keller was born blind, deaf and unable to speak but in spite of her condition, she said, “I thank my God for my handicaps, for through them I have found myself, my work […]

Get Started!

There’s an old story about how the devil wanted to destroy the world, and it reads something like this. “He called his chief assistants, first came anger, who said, “Let me go and destroy man. I will set brother against brother. I will get men angry with each other, and they will destroy themselves.” Next […]

Stressed Out?

One of the go-to words in today’s culture is the word “stressed.” The Bible says in Proverbs that a relaxed attitude lengthens one’s life. That being true we need to eliminate stress and to do so we must practice living out of our imagination, not our memory!

Thoughts Work For or Against You

One thing we all want in life is to be happy, fulfilled and filled with purpose. For us to have these qualities, it’s essential that we maintain health and wellness and to do that, the following must be understood and practiced. Elaine Johnson was surprised when she discovered that her headaches came from anxiety about […]