Happy Birthday America!

I thought it would be of interest to hear from some of our founding fathers and universities on their view about America. John Adams, “It becomes necessary to every citizen to be in some degree a statesman and to examine and judge for himself the political principles and measures. Let us examine them with a […]

Don’t Be a Fool

There’s a story that Jesus told in Luke 12:13-21 about a person that God calls a fool. So what made him a fool? In this story, we will discover several things.He owned possession, but this didn’t make him a fool, God owns the earth. The Bible gives each of us the right to ownership. He […]

Life is Like A Cafeteria

It has been said that life is like a cafeteria. Years ago there was an immigrant that had come to America from Europe, being new to this country he was unfamiliar with many of its customs and practices. After getting settled in a nearby apartment he began to familiarize himself with the area, soon he […]

The Greatest Color

John was a good man that had done some bad things. He lived for years under the shadow of what he had done, his health had deteriorated, and he had started using a wheelchair. As the years went by, he struggled with guilt and remorse until he came to a place where forgiveness had to […]

The Signal

When Jesus said “Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done,” he was showing us a pathway to God’s guidance. When our will is committed to Him, it eliminates conflicts within us. Instead of us squandering our energies on countless decisions we can rest on the fact that God will direct us, and give us […]