Be Quiet

Never has there been a generation with more noise then ours. We stay plugged in, tuned in and turned on almost all day. If we don’t have something going on in our ears, we have images going into our eyes. You might say, consider the following. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I’m God” […]

The Window

Two older men happened to share the same hospital room, with only one window to look out of, the man closest to it would daily describe all he could see to his friend. He looked forward to those times as his roommate would in great detail tell him about the beautiful park across the street, […]

Develop the Leader in You

Since leadership is someone that leads others, all of us have the capacity to be a leader. So let me give you some practical areas that you can develop in your life that would be beneficial.  Think about each one and do it.  I know it will help you.

A World Without Work

Stop and think about what would happen if everyone quit working right now! Civilized life stops, food vanishes from the shelves, fuels drys up at the pumps, streets and cities are no longer patrolled, fires burn themselves out, all communication and transportation services end, utilities go dead. Those who survive soon huddle around campfires, sleeping […]