The Portrait

There’s an old story told about a beggar who was sitting across the street from an artist studio. The artist saw him and quickly began to paint his portrait. When he finished, he called the beggar over to look at it. At first, the beggar didn’t recognize himself. “Who is it?” He kept asking. The […]

Just Ask

One of the most powerful lines written in the Bible says this, “You have not because you ask not” James 4:2. Almost everything begins in our life because we ask. Men, you got married because you asked, “Will you marry me?” Most jobs are acquired by asking. You’ll never know a person until you first […]

How To Read the Bible

To understand the Bible start with Jesus! All that was written in the Bible before Him was in preparation for His coming. All that was written in the Bible after Him was to understand His coming. God knew that words could be interpreted into what whatever you want, so He said if you wish to […]

Take A Chance

In the story of the Good Samaritan you find the line “And by chance there came a certain priest down the road … then a Levite…but a certain Samaritan.” By Chance! A lot of things happen by chance; you might have met the person you married by chance, gotten a job by chance, found the […]