The Garden of Our Mind

Most of us have or should come to the conclusion that our failures and successes are the direct results of our thoughts. Weakness and strengths, purity, and impurities are brought about by the way we think. Sadness and happiness come from inside our thinking. We achieve, we conquer, we make progress by changing our thoughts. […]

Get The Music Out

A great violinist thrilled his audience with his playing. At the end of his selection, he smashed the violin into a hundred pieces over a chair. The people sat in shock. Then he picked up another violin and said. “Don’t be alarmed the one I smashed I purchased for only a few dollars in a […]

Light Creates Shadows

Light is one of the most cheerful and positive things this world knows. Admiral Robert E. Peary who discovered the North Pole told about his long journey there. He said the greatest obstacle to overcome in the Arctic was not the cold but the long darkness. The continual absence of light took away the spirit […]

Willing to Be You

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.” When we create comparisons with others, it breeds in us frustration, failure, and unhappiness. When we are unwilling to be ourselves, it’s an insult to God. Consider the Bible verse John […]