Month: December 2019

Welcome 2020!

Can you imagine that it’s 2020? To me, it seems like yesterday that we lived with an expectation and uncertainty of a new millennium (for those that can remember Y2K. ) So, I have a challenge, I have no idea who penned the following words, no author is mentioned, but when I read them something …

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The Gift of Christmas

The gift of Christmas is when we discover that the greatest life is one that gives. The bible declares, “Christ in us the hope of glory.” I came across the following words from an unknown author; I hope it will inspire you during this season to give your life away.

Three Cheers!

Often in restaurants, when we gather, we lift our glasses, letting them hit each other, and we all say, “Cheers!” I’ve often wondered where this tradition came from, now I have zero evidence to support my claim, but I think it came from Jesus! Jesus gave us three cheers, and they are considered the greatest …

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Unlock Yourself

There’s a story found in the Bible of a man that received one talent, which represented ability and opportunity. The sad part of the story was that he buried it. When asked why he buried it, his reply was, “I was afraid.”  Let’s not be like him.