Suppose You Had No Memory

Suppose you had no memory, you might think that would be great. But it would be a total disaster. Your past is what preserves your identity. Without memory, you would awaken each day without the knowledge of yesterday; every person would be a stranger. You couldn’t build and grow in marriage. Friendships and all the […]

Multiply Your Moments

The idea of living in the moment may seem out of touch, especially to those that are so driven by their goals. However, do not underestimate the cumulative effect this can have on your life. Take a penny for an example, if you see a penny on the sidewalk, you hardly feel it’s worth the […]

Happiness is Good Medicine

Thousands of years ago, King Solomon said in his Proverbs, “A merry heart is good like a medicine,” and it’s taken medical science years to confirm this truth. It’s an absolute fact that when we are happy, that is our state of mind is fixed on good and pleasant thoughts, we perform better, and are […]

Gather the Fruit, Burn the Tree

A fruit tree had blown over in a farmers field, a man walking by saw it and asked the old farmer what he was going to do about it. The farmer replied, “You see it has fruit on the branches. I’m going to gather the fruit, and then burn the tree.”