Your Picture of God

The very process of thinking requires a mental picture or image. Think of an apple, and in your imagination, you see one. Think of Abraham Lincoln, and his face flashes on the screen of your mind. We don’t think in words, we think in pictures. So when you think of God, you see some type […]

Hearts or Heads?

The one thing that all of us need big doses of daily is encouragement. So when you meet others, give it to them! Why? Because more people die of a broken heart then swelled heads. And that’s absolutely true whether they live in a mansion or a mud hut. The story is told of a […]


How can you know the truth about yourself? How can you make a real evaluation? There is only one source we can turn to, to answer this question, and it’s the Bible. Scripture tells us that God created man in His image and likeness. From that statement alone, we can come to several logical conclusions […]

Facts or Opinions

There’s a vast difference between a fact and an opinion. If we think they are one and the same, and we let our facts become our opinions, it will lead us to misery. The wife of an alcoholic husband can say, “How can I be happy, my husband is destroying his life.” She can be […]