Cured by Words

In the book of Proverbs, you discover that words, just words can not only cure you but change you. Proverbs 12:20, “Joy fills the heart of those that are planning for good.” Proverbs 12:25, “But a word of encouragement does wonders.” Then in Proverbs 15:30, “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.” There […]


The question is escapism good? It all depends on how it’s used. For example, we all practice escapism every day, in fact we all need a certain amount of it. Sleep is a form of escapism, and we all need it, carrying an umbrella in the rain allows you to escape getting wet. A house […]

You Make Mistakes But They Don’t Make You

We all make mistakes, but mistakes don’t make us; for this to sink in, we need to separate the behavior from the person. For example, if I say “I failed,” it recognizes an error that, when corrected, can lead to future success. But if I say “I’m a failure,” I’m allowing the mistake to define […]

The Lens of the Camera

It’s a simple illustration but contains a great truth, that is this, a camera can only take a picture of what it sees, and that truth is evident with us. What we see, what we spend our time thinking about becomes the picture that is developed in our lives, change the picture, and you change […]

Relaxed Attitude

The book of Proverbs chapter 14:30 says, “A relaxed attitude lengthens a persons life.” So the opposite would also be true. That is when we are disturbed emotionally with anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, and insecurity, it would shorten our life. The big question is, how can I gain a relaxed attitude with so much chaos […]