It’s up to you!

Epictetus, the great Stoic philosopher, warned that we should be more concerned about removing wrong thoughts from our mind than removing tumors and abscess from the body. Dr. G. Canby Robinson declared that four out of five patients admitted to John Hopkins Hospital were suffering from conditions brought on in part by emotional strains and […]

A Principled Centered Life

The Bible is not a rule book; if it was, it would be continually changing, what might be a rule for one culture is not for another. Besides, rules don’t require thought only obedience, and you can get that from a robot. Principles, on the other hand, are timeless, they are not out to get […]

Overcome Evil with Good

An interesting concept is taken from the book of Romans 12:21. Much of our time, energy and strength was wasted because we don’t get the power of this scripture, instead of overcoming evil with good, we try to fight it. Emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, and stress cannot be removed by willpower to fight them […]

Your Emotional Bank Account

An emotional bank account describes the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship. If we make deposits and others do the same to us through acts of courtesy, kindness, honesty, communication, and commitment, our emotional bank accounts will have reserves. Our trust towards each other is high, and we can call upon […]

You Mustn’t Quit

At one time or another, I’m sure you have either heard or read the following; however, if you’re like me, I need constant reminding of thoughts and inspiration that the following words will bring. So read it, print it, remind yourself daily of it, so that you will never quit.