The Proactive Affect

One of the greatest stories in the Bible is Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers at seventeen. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for him to wallow in self-pity as a servant of Potiphar or hold bitterness towards his brothers and captors? But not Joseph, he became […]

A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

A computer in England was accidentally programmed incorrectly. It labeled a class of “bright kids” as dumb, and supposedly “dumb” kids as bright. Because no one knew of the mistake, the teacher’s perception of their students was based upon this information. Since perception is greater than reality, it can change reality, and it did in […]

A By-Product

Tiredness has almost become an obsession in our day and hour. Not long ago, I read that 57% of Americans were tired. Yet a different picture is described not only in the Bible but life itself. Can it be that most tiredness originates in our minds and creeps in through boredom? I, for one, believes […]