It’s Time for Joy!

Welcome, 2021! It’s Time for Joy! The New Testament book called Philippians wasn’t written at a resort or by a man who was void of difficulties. Paul penned this book while chained to Roman soldiers, he was a man that had known excruciating hardships and pain, yet in those 104 verses, the theme is Joy! […]

The Legend of the Three Trees

I wanted to share a story I read called The Legend of the Three Trees. Two thousand years ago, on the slopes of the mountains of the Jordan valley, there stood three trees. One crisp spring morning, they began a conversation that sounded like this:  The first tree said, “I want to be made into […]

All Things are Created Twice

All things are created twice; there’s a mental or first creation and a physical or second creation. We can see this in almost all areas of life; from the construction of a home, you first have to create every detail in your mind before the work begins. To build a business, if it’s to be […]

Too Soon to Give Up

Even the best gets stuck. Consider George Frederick Handel; during his career, he faced colossal adversity. Competition with rival English composers was fierce. Audiences were fickle and sometimes didn’t turn out for his performances. Several times he found himself penniless and on the verge of bankruptcy. The pain of rejection and failure was difficult to […]