Reject the Rejection

People, circumstances, and situations will attempt to define your life, but don’t let them. When others try to build your life, they will always make it too small! In 1902 an aspiring young writer received a rejection letter from the poetry editor of the Atlantic Monthly. Enclosed was a sheaf of poems the 28- year-old […]

Stop Focusing on Yourself

A significant cause of depression and poor mental health is self-absorption. Selfishness not only hurts those around us but hurts the person. It inclines us towards failure because it keeps us in a negative mental rut. Karl Menninger said, “Generous people are rarely mentally ill people.” When asked what he would advise a person to […]

The Battle to Act!

The battle is not self-motivation; it’s the battle to act! I’ve got news for you, motivation is not going to strike you like lightning. Motivation is not something that someone else – a nurse, doctor, family, or spouse- can give or force on you. The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation, instead just […]

Unrealistic Expectations

It’s been said that unrealistic expectations are the seedbed of failure, and the reason is, it’s not what happens to us but what we thought would happen and doesn’t. The degree of distance between them becomes our depth of disappointment, and disappointment is the hardest thing to recover from! Our expectations in life need to […]


In the book “In search of excellence,” Tom Peters says, “There’s nothing more useless than someone who comes to the end of the day and congratulates himself, saying, “well, I made it through the day without screwing up.” Yet that’s what many people do by practicing a life of inactivity, playing it safe, wanting to […]