Rob and Ginger were the founding pastors of one of the most influential churches in the State of New Mexico with a volunteer staff of 1,000 people, outreaches that impacted their city, as well as helping and assisting thousands of pastors worldwide. This range of experience had made them uniquely qualified in the following areas:

— To help raise the level of volunteerism in churches, by inspiring and motivating people to action and involvement.

— To help facilitate strategic ideas for the local churches to give them greater expression and influence in their communities.

— To assist churches in the development of businessmen and women through the application of Biblical Economics.

— Rob and Ginger helped tens of thousands of leaders in all walks of life, by showing them how to increase their influence in their profession, vocation, and personal life.

Rob was also:
— A published author on the YouVersion app. Over 200,00 completions on his devotions. https://robcarman.com/store/

— Developed the 412 Leadership School which is offered for free in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Farsi. https://robcarman.com/412-leadership-school-2/

What people have said:

“Few are those that have had the opportunity that my wife and I have to be pastored, mentored, and coached by the ministry of Dr. Carman and Ginger, their ministry to my wife and I of nearly 30 years has been practical, relevant, and extremely refreshing. Dr. Carman’s gift of exhortation, relevant ministry and practical principles will forever live on in our hearts, his energetic preaching has never wained for 30 years and he’s still one of the greatest motivators we’ve known.”
Pastors Floyd and Debra Archuleta, Arlington, Texas

“Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman have left their indelible mark on the staff of Love Botswana and the people of our Nation! Rob is a favorite at Maun Village Church, he strikes 12 for God by imparting timely biblical truths in a way that only Rob Carman can!”
– Jerry and Jana Lackey, Founders of Love Botswana, Africa.

“Rob and Ginger Carman’s ministry has become the most challenging and by far the most effective training tool for the church in Papua New Guinea and the nations of the South Pacific.”

-Dr. Graham and Dr. Irene Baker, Founder of Global Lighthouse ministries, and Lighthouse Bible College in Madang, Papua New Guinea, planting more than 1000 churches in the nation. Dr. Baker served as Missions Director for the Four Square denomination throughout the South Pacific.

“Since 2002 when we first met Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman until now, our lives have been enriched and changed. Through their lives and ministry, our lives have grown in wisdom, faith, knowledge, passion, and devotion. The dynamic and powerful motivation of Dr. Carman has been life-changing not only for us but for the hundreds of pastors and leaders who have come to the conferences. His anointing to communicate with people and to present the Word of God with authority has left a mark in all of his hearers. He is a favorite speaker of our church.”
-Pastors Lyubo and Tanya Petkov, C3 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Pastor Lyubo has planted churches all over his nation.

“Through several conferences held in Mozambique, Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman have greatly influenced pastors and leaders as well as the ministry team of Afrika W Yesu. We are grateful for the instruction and inspiration as well as their financial assistance and friendship to the ministry.”
-Rod and Ellie Hein, founders of Afrika wa Yesu, Mozambique, Africa. Author of the best-seller “Beyond the Shadows”

“The Bible says you have 10,000 teachers but few fathers, Rob and Ginger Carman carry a father’s heart for the church. For our church Rob and Ginger are considered family, they are listened to, appreciated, and esteemed highly. They build our hearts, motivate us to action and make us laugh. There isn’t a better storyteller and motivator than Rob, and Ginger, wow she has incredible wisdom for pastors and team members. But most important they produce fruit in us and our church is better equipped to reach and build people for Jesus. That’s Gold!”
-Pastors Richard and Cathie Green, C3 Ryde church, Sydney Australia. Richard is head of Church planting for the Nation of Australia for Christian City Church, C3.