How or Why?

The person who knows “How” will always have a job. However, the person that knows “Why” will always be his boss! After Thomas Edison’s fame had become international, he was advised to have scientists come to his lab and help him understand just why some of his inventions had worked. Edison didn’t see much use […]

Be the Best You

Og Mandino said, “every living soul has different talents, different desires, different faculties. Be yourself. Try to be anything else but your genuine self, even if you deceive the entire world, and you will be ten thousand times worse than nothing… “consider the plants and the animals of the field, how they live. Does a […]

The Proactive Affect

One of the greatest stories in the Bible is Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers at seventeen. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for him to wallow in self-pity as a servant of Potiphar or hold bitterness towards his brothers and captors? But not Joseph, he became […]

Do You Want Real Joy?

There’s a story discovered in Matthew 25:14-30. It’s about a man that gave to his servants’ talents then went on a long trip. To one he gave five, to another he gave two, to the third he gave one. From this story, we learn some essential truths. For instance, we see that we are not […]

Be Like the Bumblebee

The bumblebee has tiny wings and a heavy body. Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee can’t read, so he doesn’t know it, he just flies! George Dantzig was a mathematics graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. Arriving late to class, as usual, he quickly copied the two math […]

Are Your Building A Life?

Howard Hill was the worlds greatest archer! He won 196 archery tournaments in succession. At sixty feet Howard could put an arrow through a prune that sat on top of someone’s head. (If you think that’s something think of the guy with the prune on his head). He set the new world record for the […]


Your attitude towards life has more to determine what you do and how far you go than anything else. Let me introduce you to two men. As I sat in my office preparing for the week ahead I couldn’t help but notice the man vacuuming our office carpet; he was employed by the firm we […]

How To Develop Your Mind

How can you develop your mind? A professor came upon a discovery and with it found out how to develop his mind. One day while getting dressed he was buttoning up his vest, actually his vest wouldn’t button, the reason? His daughter had sewn up the button holes. His fingers were going along as usual […]

You Can Be an Achiever

All of us desire to achieve; God created us to accomplish, excel and advance. Often we face disappointments and with those we draw back to a safe and comfortable place. But you can achieve, there’s more in you. Read the following and let it light a fire to achieve. So, are you ready? Let me […]

Awakening The Leader In You

You can awaken your abilities. December 7, 1941. The place, Peal Harbor. It was filled with battleships and destroyers. Without any warning and within two hours the Japanese had claimed the lives of 2,400 Americans, wounded another 1,178, damaged or destroyed 18 American battleships plus nearly 300 planes were destroyed or damaged. It looked like […]