Stop Focusing on Yourself

A significant cause of depression and poor mental health is self-absorption. Selfishness not only hurts those around us but hurts the person. It inclines us towards failure because it keeps us in a negative mental rut. Karl Menninger said, “Generous people are rarely mentally ill people.” When asked what he would advise a person to […]

It’s up to you!

Epictetus, the great Stoic philosopher, warned that we should be more concerned about removing wrong thoughts from our mind than removing tumors and abscess from the body. Dr. G. Canby Robinson declared that four out of five patients admitted to John Hopkins Hospital were suffering from conditions brought on in part by emotional strains and […]

Overcome Evil with Good

An interesting concept is taken from the book of Romans 12:21. Much of our time, energy and strength was wasted because we don’t get the power of this scripture, instead of overcoming evil with good, we try to fight it. Emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, and stress cannot be removed by willpower to fight them […]

Your Emotional Bank Account

An emotional bank account describes the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship. If we make deposits and others do the same to us through acts of courtesy, kindness, honesty, communication, and commitment, our emotional bank accounts will have reserves. Our trust towards each other is high, and we can call upon […]

The Right Map

Most of us today use our phones to navigate us, but suppose that the map on your phone was incorrect. By that, I mean that it had confused the city you were in with another. There you are driving, following your navigational map. Still, all the turns, stops, and freeways don’t seem to be taking […]

Don’t Let Bugs Destroy You

The past Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, said the following. “Life is too short to be little.” Those words have helped and can help us today. As another person said, “Here we are on the earth, with only a few short decades to live, and we lose many irreplaceable hours brooding over grievances […]

The Lens of the Camera

It’s a simple illustration but contains a great truth, that is this, a camera can only take a picture of what it sees, and that truth is evident with us. What we see, what we spend our time thinking about becomes the picture that is developed in our lives, change the picture, and you change […]

Hearts or Heads?

The one thing that all of us need big doses of daily is encouragement. So when you meet others, give it to them! Why? Because more people die of a broken heart then swelled heads. And that’s absolutely true whether they live in a mansion or a mud hut. The story is told of a […]


How can you know the truth about yourself? How can you make a real evaluation? There is only one source we can turn to, to answer this question, and it’s the Bible. Scripture tells us that God created man in His image and likeness. From that statement alone, we can come to several logical conclusions […]

Curing The Virus of Fear

The most common and subtlest of all human diseases is fear. And fear is the most disintegrating enemy of our personality. If we allow fear to rule our thinking, it will disturb our days, haunt our nights, it will tangle our minds with obsessions. It will drain our energy, destroy inner peace, reduce our effectiveness, […]