What Do You See?

Napoleon saw Italy, but not the Alps. He had an objective and he knew where he was going. The Alps were simply something to be crossed en route. Washington saw the Hessians massed at Trenton. He didn’t see The Delaware choked with ice. A frozen river was simply a challenge to be overcome on the […]

The Battle to Act!

The battle is not self-motivation; it’s the battle to act! I’ve got news for you, motivation is not going to strike you like lightning. Motivation is not something that someone else – a nurse, doctor, family, or spouse- can give or force on you. The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation, instead just […]

Unrealistic Expectations

It’s been said that unrealistic expectations are the seedbed of failure, and the reason is, it’s not what happens to us but what we thought would happen and doesn’t. The degree of distance between them becomes our depth of disappointment, and disappointment is the hardest thing to recover from! Our expectations in life need to […]

Keep Moving

When Captain Cook set out in search of the North Pole, one of the men who were part of his team was Dr. Solander, he was from Sweden, and he served in a naturalist’s capacity. The trip was made in the middle of winter, a cold south wind accompanied by driving snow caught the team […]

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

We can blame so much on our surroundings, the current conditions of the economy, or life in general, however, all of these are just excuses for not wanting to face the real issue, that being us. Proverbs 23:7 tells us, “As a person thinks in their heart, so shall they be.” Let me relate an […]

Unlock Yourself

There’s a story found in the Bible of a man that received one talent, which represented ability and opportunity. The sad part of the story was that he buried it. When asked why he buried it, his reply was, “I was afraid.”  Let’s not be like him.

Moving Your Life out of Darkness

There are times when we all face great disappointments or such a hard blow that everything looks hopeless. God’s word offers guidance on how to face the darkness and move out of it. A well-known physician made this valuable observation about patients he knew that were facing extreme situations. He said, “ I believe that […]

Don’t Bury Your Life

There’s a fascinating story told in the Bible of a man that only had one talent, which represents ability and opportunity. Instead of using it he buried it. A lot of us today are like this man, we have buried ourselves in a prison of hopelessness, despair, and uselessness.

Rise Above it

The year was 1964 a nine-year-old girl from Columbia, South America wrote a letter. She placed it in an envelope but put no stamp and even worse she never put an address, she did, however, write something on the envelope. Miraculously five days later the letter arrived at 28 Hyde Park Gate, London. A secretary […]

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late! David Flood was born and raised in Sweden, committed himself to God at a young age, later married and in 1921 left for Africa as a missionary. He felt a burning in his heart to go and reach those that have never heard the gospel. It was a hard life, hostile […]