Activity and Creativity = Life

Our creator created us to be creative, it’s part of our DNA. Never stop creating new goals, dreams, opportunities for your future! Why? The more you are creative, the higher demand you make on God’s life flowing through you. It has been proven that creative people, inventors, researchers, painters, writers, and philosophers not only live […]

Relaxed Attitude

The book of Proverbs chapter 14:30 says, “A relaxed attitude lengthens a persons life.” So the opposite would also be true. That is when we are disturbed emotionally with anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, and insecurity, it would shorten our life. The big question is, how can I gain a relaxed attitude with so much chaos […]

The Power of Believing

Claude M. Bristol was a newspaper reporter. He studied the religions of the world and watched them operate. In hospitals, Claude some people die while others who were just as sick get well. He watched football teams win while other teams who had just as good material lost. He studied the lives of the greatest […]

God’s Energy

Since God is the ultimate source of all energy and all energy in creation is renewable, it only makes sense that we can have a constant flow of energy, even into old age. But how? Acts 17:28 tells us, “In Him we live and move and have our being” Let’s examine this verse and see […]

The Great Paradox

Joy and enthusiasm are a great paradox because they can grow in any soil, and live under any condition, they defy the environment, they come from within, not from without. They don’t come from having, but from being, not of possessing, but of enjoying. They are a paradox because they can coexist with trials, tragedy, […]

The Law of Vitality

Two men were on a seven-mile walk, they were sad and tired, and because of that, the walk seemed slow. Most of our physical energy or lack of it is rooted in our emotional center. When our thoughts change from sadness to joy, our emotions and energy levels go up. These two men were experiencing […]

Are You Bored?

Harlan Howard had a boring job while in high school. He washed plates, scrubbed counters and served in the high school cafeteria. He hated his job, but since he was stuck with it he decided to study ice cream, how it was made, the ingredients used, why some were better than others. He studied the […]

Staying Healthy

All of us desire health; we want to stay healthy in all areas of life. We all want the physical ability to function at our best, to have a life filled with interest, excitement, achievement, fulfillment and peace of mind. However, many of us are robbing ourselves from this kind of life without realizing it. […]

How To Have a Constant Flow of Energy

How can we live with a constant flow of energy? Is there a law of vitality? This flow of energy develops when we hold thoughts of hopefulness, confidence, positiveness and goodwill. When these types of thoughts dominate our mind, they result in high levels of energy. The entire universe is charged with a constant flow […]

Potential Energy to Actual Energy

You might be asking the question, can you convert potential energy to actual energy? Can this happen? I believe it can, and if you take the time to continue to read the thoughts below, you will find out that it’s not that difficult.