Being Not Doing

What we choose to be is far more important then what we choose to do! From being comes doing, this is why in the book of Genesis, God didn’t make us a living doing but a living being. It’s the men and women who major in “being” that build the greatest character and create the […]

An Attitude Shift

In a subway in New York, people were sitting quietly, some looking at their phones, others listening to music through their earbuds, others resting with their eyes closed. Then suddenly a man and his children entered the subway car. His kids were loud and obnoxious and instantly changed the whole climate of the subway car. […]

Three Cheers!

Often in restaurants, when we gather, we lift our glasses, letting them hit each other, and we all say, “Cheers!” I’ve often wondered where this tradition came from, now I have zero evidence to support my claim, but I think it came from Jesus! Jesus gave us three cheers, and they are considered the greatest […]

Make Each Day Great-Part 2

If you can change the day, you can change your life! Bold statement but it’s true. Because God only gives life in days, not weeks, months or years, but days. You can and should plan for the future, but you can only live today. Matthew 6:34 (message translation) says, “Give your entire attention to what […]

Make Each Day Great – Part 1

It has always fascinated me that God only gives life in days! At the beginning of creation God made days, and after each of those days, He said it was good. So how can we say the same thing? The average life contains between 20,000 and 30,000 days, but God only gives them to us […]

Welcome 2019

2019 can be different and can be your best year if you follow the wisdom of the Bible. Instead of trying to look at the whole year, follow the advice of God’s word. God gives life, not in weeks, months or years but days! So if we focus on the day and choose to make […]

The Great Paradox

Joy and enthusiasm are a great paradox because they can grow in any soil, and live under any condition, they defy the environment, they come from within, not from without. They don’t come from having, but from being, not of possessing, but of enjoying. They are a paradox because they can coexist with trials, tragedy, […]

God’s Penicillin for Problems

From the finger of God came the light of God which He used to write in solid stone the Ten Commandments. These Ten Commandments have been the cornerstone for all good and prosperous nations, all the fundamental laws of our land hinge on these; therefore they are the penicillin for our problems. What do they […]

Are You Cocooning?

Marriage is the only relationship in which people are more likely to discuss important matters with each other then they were two decades ago. Today we confide less with our parents, siblings, children, other family members, co-worker, neighbors, friends, advisors, and others. But at least we are confiding more with our spouse! Sounds great, right?

How to Be Happy

Dr. E. Stanley Jones told of an experiment a hospital did on a dog. The little dog became somewhat of a mascot and befriended the staff; it wagged its tail each time one of the doctors or nurses spoke to it. An incision was made into the bone of the dog’s leg, revealing a healthy […]