I will Not Live in Vain

Years ago, I came across the following, these lines have always spoken and helped me see my life differently; I trust they will help, inspire, and comfort you. “If I can throw a single ray of light across the darkened pathway of another; if I can aid some soul to a clearer sight of life […]

Prisoners of Hope

There’s a fascinating Bible verse in Zechariah 9:12, “Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope.” To me, this truth is telling us that regardless of what life throws at us, our own limitations, or whatever situation we are presently facing, they cannot imprison us. Why? Because we are the prisoners of hope! You cannot […]

A Life of Hope

A study conducted on those who had survived the Nazi death camps during WW2 found that almost all survivors had one thing in common, naked hope. When they put their thoughts into the future, they used hope like a magnet to bring them to safety. What is hope?

Hope and Promise

In a twenty-four-hour news cycle, every television or radio station is trying to grab the headlines and most of the time it is through negativity. People seem more drawn to a dark picture then a positive. But negativity has a devastating effect upon our lives.

Purpose Creates Power

Mr. James had suffered a major heart attack and a stroke; he had become so disabled that for two years during his waking hours he sat on the edge of his bed and did nothing but stare at the wall. His wife later moved the both of them to our city so they could be […]

According to Your Faith

Lew Miller was shot five times in WW2. Two bullets went in his arm, one in his shoulder and two in his head. In the hospital his health declined, he lost so much weight that he looked like skin and bones. Then one day something happened to Lew Miller, he made a discovery that is […]


A small town was about to be eliminated due to the relocation of a dam. Of course, no one knew of the proposed plans until a man was sent from the state to inform the community of what the future held. As he approached the small town, he couldn’t help but notice how neat and […]