Get on Fire

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had a contagious enthusiasm for his work. With a singleness of purpose, he had an inner burning desire to be the best possible instrument he could be for the Lord’s work. A small man, weighing only about 127 pounds, he would rise each day at 5 am, and everyday […]

Little Things

Great results come from little causes! Little things make big things happen. The art of printing went from a person cutting letters from the bark of a tree and pressing them on paper. The telescope was the result of a boys interest with two glasses in his father’s shop where eyeglasses were made, varying their […]

Honest Appreciation

Back when there was zero income tax in the United States a person earning fifty dollars a week was considered well off. The famous steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie paid a thirty-eight-year-old man over a million dollars a year to become the first president of the newly formed United Steel company in 1921. Who was this […]

How to Increase Your Influence

An investigation revealed that even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85% is due to the skill in human engineering, which is the ability to get along and lead others. How amazing! We’ve placed such a high priority on education and degrees, […]

How Do you See You?

From the clothes you wear to the way you look, the profession you chose, the mate you select, the habits you acquire, the moral conduct you portray, were all influenced by the way you see yourself! What we believe about ourselves often imposes rigid and false limits on what we can accomplish. If you accept […]

Our Dog Winston

Our little dog Winston sleeps on our bed, gets daily walks with my wife, has his basket; he is fed regularly (and seems to tell us when he wants to eat) he is cared for and gets all the attention he craves. He has discovered the secret that most of us spend our lifetime trying […]

Why Serve?

All of us have the capacity to lead, some more than others. However, all of us can increase in this area. When one thinks of leadership, they often think of those with a commanding presence, square jaws, big voices. However, that image does not hold up. In my years of training and helping to develop […]

How to Build Friends

Who is the greatest builder of friends in the world? Who is he?  You always know him when you see him because the first thing he does is wag his tail.  He has no ulterior motives. He’s not trying to sell you anything, doesn’t want to marry you, doesn’t have an angle. A dog is […]

Do People Like You?

In order to influence people, you have to be liked and to be liked you have to be likable. So, how can we be likable? Below is a short list of what it takes to be a likable person, for a more complete understanding with a lot more examples from people’s lives you can download […]

How To Increase Your Influence

Why are you reading this? More than likely you would like to know how to increase your influence, so let’s begin. An investigation revealed that even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of a person’s success came from their technical knowledge and about 85% was due to their skills in getting along with […]