Reject the Rejection

People, circumstances, and situations will attempt to define your life, but don’t let them. When others try to build your life, they will always make it too small! In 1902 an aspiring young writer received a rejection letter from the poetry editor of the Atlantic Monthly. Enclosed was a sheaf of poems the 28- year-old […]

No End in Sight

Perhaps the most read Psalm is Psalm 23, and within that Psalm, we find these words. “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid.” Note, “When I walk through,” if you know you can get through it, you can get through it! On a foggy morning in July of 1952, […]

Purpose Through Work

An old saying that has stayed with me for years is this, “Find something outside of yourself, bigger than yourself, that makes you forget yourself so that you can give yourself.” If our work drive is all about us, our aggressiveness we become abusive, we will burn out, and our self-sufficiency will crumble. However, if […]

A God Appointment

Steven Bradbury became the first Australian to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. How did he do it? I’ll respond to that question but first some history on Bradbury. During his career as a speed skater he was impaled by a fellow skater and lost four liters of blood, later he broke his […]

I Dare You to Be Healthy

October 14, 1912, Teddy Roosevelt was 54 years old, and he was running for his third term for President of the United States as an Independent. As Mr. Roosevelt was making his way through the crowd, a lone gunman jumped in front of him and shot him at point-blank range the bullet sinking into his […]

Stay Motivated

Motivation is a powerful thing; it has the ability to change us, move us and bring about amazing results. The challenge has been how to stay motivated. If we depend on the external to stay Motivated it will be a hit and miss, to stay Motivated we need the internal, so let me help you […]

You Can Change Your Future

We all have many things in common, but there’s one big thing we all have in common and when this is understood we can change our future. So what is this big thing that can change our future? All of us live our lives out of a narrative, a story. Regardless of our background, religion, […]

Becoming the Best I Can Be

We all want to be the best we can be. But how? We live in such a competitive world that we often fall into the trap of trying to be not our best, but better than the other person. This of course only leads to frustration, jealousy and an unfulfilled life. So how can we […]

How to Get and Stay Motivated

A lot can be said about motivation and know doubt you’ve heard a lot. We all tend to be great starters but poor finishers. We’ve all seen countless people start something with excitement only to stop after a few weeks or months. How can we get motivated and stay motivated? Let me respond by taking […]

How to Change Your Future

So how can we change our perspective, our outlook, our picture of our future? James Allen in his groundbreaking book, “As a Man Thinketh” said, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he not only embraces the whole of a man’s being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition […]