You Are Significant

Here’s a name that I’m guessing means nothing to you, Karl Downs. He was a Methodist preacher from Oakland, California, who died of a heart attack at a young age. Several years before he died, he was asked by the juvenile court to take responsibility for a young man that was always getting into trouble. […]

Can You Be Unstoppable?

By the time a person is eighteen, they have watched over 18,000 hours of TV, listened to 11,000 hours of music, and that doesn’t include all the time spent viewing social media. Wow! It’s more than seven years of their life, and that’s by the time their eighteen! What’s my point?

One Day Can Change Everything

Don’t make major decisions in times of stress, confusion or pressure. Why? Because one day can change everything! In 2008 I watched the stock market drop 900 points in one day! People panicked, including me, then a few days later in gained back all of its losses in one day! Don’t pass judgment on a […]

Don’t Stop Running!

Up until 1972, we had few running injuries, so what happened to change all that? In 1972 the first athletic shoe was invented by Nike. Up until that time people ran in thin-soled shoes, they had stronger feet and had a lower incidence of knee injuries. The athletic shoes became better and more expensive, and […]