Change Horses

There could be an unwillingness to change in all of us, and because of this unwillingness, we become inflexible. It’s said that some people seem to be so in love with the past that they cannot deal with the present. 

I came across the following humorous story called “The Top Ten Strategies for dealing with a Dead Horse.”

  1. Buy a stronger whip. 
  2. Change riders. 
  3. Appoint a committee to study the horse. 
  4. Appoint a team to revive the horse. 
  5. Send out a memo declaring the horse isn’t really dead. 
  6. Hire an expensive consultant to find “the real problem.”
  7. Harness several dead horses together for increased speed and efficiency. 
  8. Rewrite the standard definition of a live horse. 
  9. Declare the horse to be faster, better, and cheaper when dead. 
  10. Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position. 

The moral of the story: When your horse is dead, for goodness sake, dismount! Change is a catalyst for growth; it gets us out of a rut, gives us a fresh start, helps us change direction, and brings opportunity, vitality, and excitement back into our lives!

4 thoughts on “Change Horses

  1. Hi Rob
    Thank you for your article and talks! They are much appreciated, enjoyed, studied and I’m taking action.
    God bless you and your family!
    Keep going and keep doing what you’re doing👏 … I’m not employed at the moment so while I’m volunteering for YouVersion, asking for and trusting God for a brand new direction in my career, I’m looking for ways to bless people around me, investing and soaking myself in the Word, walking off some weight and praying, and just embracing this season He’s blessed me with before it changes again! Louise

  2. Enjoyed very much as an X-Horsewomen who trained these beautiful but dangerous animals.
    Gotta to know how to rein them in or they will take you down.
    The Lord Jesus has reined me into His Glorious Kingdom to fight the good fight.
    Your website is helping me exponentially.

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