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Plato said, “The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind.” Hippocrates, who might be called the father of medicine taught his students to note the emotional state and general background of their patients. He believed that health is affected by the mind, and that to be a whole person you must get into harmony with yourself and the world around you.

The Bible says in the book of Proverbs that a relaxed attitude lengthens a person’s life. All of us have had times, even seasons in our life that are difficult. It’s during those times that we can get stressed and overwhelmed. During such times there are several things we can do to remove the stress from our lives. First, realize that we cannot handle difficulties unless we are mentally quiet. It’s important to be calm; we assume that the problem has to be solved immediately. When we are nervous, under stress, rational answers will elude us. Our minds do not think clearly in a state of tension. You cannot gain God’s guidance in the midst of noise, noise that comes from being overwhelmed. It is important to remove from your thought life all the stress, anxiety and frustration. Then, fill your thoughts with God’s promises.

Next, begin to say the following, repeat it several times until it takes hold. “You are here Lord; you are touching me with your healing presence and peace. You are giving me the direction that I need in this situation; you are guiding me and causing all things to work for my good.”

Then, last, associate yourself with spiritually minded people who know God and will help you put things into a correct perspective. We become just like the company we keep. As you practice this, it will remove the stress and allow God to take over.

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  1. Brilliant stuff Dr Rob, I’ve been looking into how we can change our core beliefs or instinctive reactions based on God’s Word and in so doing I found that in the 1960’s while studying stem cells Pr. Bruce Lipton discovered the cells would change their genetic code depending on the environment they were in.
    Our mind and thoughts certainly do have the power to transform our physiology.

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