Pass It On

Ecclesiastes 4:5NASB “The fool folds his hands and consumes his own flesh.” Or you can say it like this; an unused life is an early death!
Can one person make a difference in the world today? One New Yorker thought so, and this was his story. A friend asked him if he ever complimented cab drivers. “Certainly! If I’m nice to one cab driver, he’s likely to be nice to his next twenty fares, at a minimum. If they are in turn nicer to the shopkeepers, waitresses, and their own families, that one gesture of goodwill might influence at least a thousand people.” He continued.

“Now, if only three people that I talk to today have a happier day because of what I say to them, I might indirectly influence the attitude of 3000 people. If a few of those I talk to are teachers or people who have contact with more than the usual number of people, why my good mood might touch more than 10,000 lives. Not one other thing I do today is likely to have that kind of impact.”

So, don’t hang on to your life; pass it on; even if it’s just a smile, a kind word, or a gift, pass it on; it can make a massive difference in the life of another. Not only is an unused life an early death, but life is a perishable commodity; that is, if you don’t give it away, the day will come when you have to throw it away; you can’t save it. So, Pass it on!

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  1. This is very Jewish, and the heart of the Torah Mitzvah. Mitzvah is Commandment but also translated as good deed. It is the purpose of every person to save the world one mitzvah at a time. Mitzvot-plural ,good deeds, is our purpose. Keeping mitzvot is blessing God.

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