The Mind: Mental & Emotional Health

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One of the greatest of any series! You will hear; “How thoughts can transform your life”, “From a disturbed mind to a whole mind”, “The signs, symptoms, and cure for depression”,”How to eliminate fear and worry; the evil twins”, “Change your thoughts and you’ll change everything”. The last message is a prayer that Dr. Carman will lead you through that will have a profound impact on your mental and emotional life.


5 reviews for The Mind: Mental & Emotional Health

  1. bill.burkhard (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic series. I’m 70 years old and it has changed the direction of my life, how I think and has increased my trust in the Lord./ Thanks Rob

  2. Gabriela Cordova

    Quiero leer
    Clasificacion A

  3. Gabriela Cordova

    Quisiera leer el libro para controlar mis pensamientos

  4. Gabriela Cordova

    Me gustaria leer este libro bueno

  5. Gabriela Cordova

    Se ve bueno este libro

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