When you donate, you are helping us with projects in:

–The Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea with a hospital that continues to reduce the infant mortality rate and serves thousands per year with medical care.

–In Botswana, we are partnering with Love Botswana Ministries to help them bring about community Transformation.

–The northern region of Mozambique, where a trade school teaches carpentry skills and they are training people there sustainable farming.

-In Stara Zagora, Bulgaria where a new church building is being renovated.


Thank you for considering helping us in these areas.

The Irene Baker Health Centre located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea has helped over 1 million people since its inception. It is the only clinic of its kind in this region.

We have been to this facility and witnessed their success which is why we are happy to make the commitment to underwrite the hospital every year. Please join us and be a part of this work that is changing lives.

Our Partners Help Make Our Mission A Reality

When you partner with us you are helping to change lives. Our projects include a hospital in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a trade school in Mozambique instructing the next generation in carpentry skills, as well as showing the benefits of sustainable farming. Victory World Missions is helping to build church buildings in developing nations, we also are training and equipping leaders all over the world through our 412 Leadership School available in English, Spanish, Farsi and Bulgarian. Your donation is doing this and so much more. Consider partnering with us in one or more of these projects.