Remembering Rob

It is with great sadness that we let all of our friends know that Rob – beloved husband, wonderful dad, grandpa, and papa passed from this life to heaven on May 19, 2021.

Nothing prepares us for this. We will miss him greatly. We will miss the intensity, the passion, and that voice that always seemed to never give out. He was always the best storyteller ever.

Our vision is still the world, and our passion is still souls.

We want Rob’s legacy to live on and for his kids and grandkids to never forget what kind of man he was to so many people.

If you have a testimony on how Rob touched your life, a funny story, or a picture with him we’d love to hear and see it.

We appreciate all the love and support we have received. Thank you for sharing how he touched your life.
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"MY TRIBUTE TO OUR FRIEND, MY BROTHER, MY BUDDY AND MATE Dr Rob Carman. A luncheon was organised by Dr TL Osborn in Tulsa in 1989 for the purpose of bringing together Rob and Ginger with Irene and myself for the purpose of ministry exposure and working together. 32 years later our fellowship, ministry, and family have been totally blessed beyond measure. Their thriving church in Albuquerque, New Mexico blessed the ministry in PNG with the financing and building of scores of churches. His Pastors conferences saw him minister to up to 1600 pastors. Rob was instrumental in recommending both Irene and I for Honorary Doctorates (D.D) being awarded by the Charles Mason University (Charles Mason was part of the Azusa St Revival) San Diego Ca in 1996. the ceremony taking place taking place in their church in Albuquerque. It was my privilege to travel with my coworker and buddy Rob, to several countries including Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Peru, Ecuador, Botswana, Congo, Philipines, maybe others plus his many trips to Australia. As well as ministry we enjoyed so much travel and vacation times with him and Ginger. so much fun to be together. because he was truly a brother to us. Rob always spoke of OUR accomplishments , but he never ceased to encourage and inspire us for something greater and bigger. but to let go of non essentials . He inspired and challenged 100s of PNG pastors.. Their home in Dallas has been our USA home and base. for all these years. I will miss his regular humorous and intense phone calls and video chats that we had together every week or so for many years. Rob was a family brother to Irene and I (a wonderful mate) and also an Uncle to our daughters and 16 grandkids. Loved you Rob, my brother, buddy and ministry companion and inspiration to keep going for over 30 years. Graham and Irene and family"
Graham Baker
"Just to be in the presence of Rob Carman was an absolute gift. My uncle was the most incredible man I’ve ever met. He embodied strength, adventure, a love for life I’ve never seen before. I remember being captivated for hours as a little girl (and even now as an adult) by his stories of wild lions in Africa, or the hidden wonders of New Zealand, or exotic fruits growing in the Amazon. He would tell of insane miracles the Lord was doing all across the globe and taught me to never doubt the Lord and His power. Every moment spent with him was inspiring. It was impossible to leave time with THE Rob Carman unchanged. Uncle Rob gave away his entire life to share the gospel. He loved Christ with a zeal that is indescribable. Just an absolute warrior for the Kingdom. Of course the time I got with him will never feel like enough now. I love him with my whole heart. But I will forever share with my future kiddos, my nieces and nephews, the stories and the legacy of their Uncle Rob. Heaven is just absolutely lit right now as Uncle Rob is at last with his Savior!! But oh what I wouldn’t give for just one more story from my hero..."
Ashla St. Clair
Uncle Rob, was always family for us. Never Rob, or just another preacher coming through. But always uncle Rob. I always loved his energy and his slaps, it was the only type of pain I’d look forward to every couple of months. His stories and his messages always had an impact on me. Whether it made me laugh or encouraged me to take action in the word of God, no word that came out of his mouth was ever dry. I remember the last conversation Josh and I had with you two at nana and grandpas house and it’s a memory I’ll cherish. Love you so much and can’t wait to see uncle Rob again soon in glory. And in honour of him I’m going to “pick up my bible, hold it up high, wave it around and maaaake the devil MAD”!
Joel McCarthy
Just used one of of your quotes in front of 75 woman. The words that God gave you press forward throughout the world. My husband and I were both impacted at CFNI, my husband went to Papua New Guinea with Rob were He was baptized. Blessings To your family. Enjoy Heaven we will all join soon.
Amy Grandy
He was used by God to instill in me and my husband Eddie such a strong faith and trust in God “A never give up attitude” He always told us “You are God's Best.” He taught us how to pray and intercede for our family and this world. He taught us to stand in the gap for those that are hurting in this world. Our prayer life will always be strong because of him. We will miss hearing your stories of faith and endurance. We will never forget you. We can honestly say we are better Christian because of what you taught us.
Eddie & Carolyn Padilla
Rob’s messages on depression practically saved my life. I have made so much progress rebuilding my life after a difficult period with mental health. He was a true soldier of The Lord. Thanks be to God for Rob’s life. May God bless and comfort Rob’s family.
I started going to VLF in a small, old church on Isleta Pueblo. We soon moved to South Coors then on to West Central where my husband and I served as Ushers and leaders of a Home Fellowship. I still remember Pastor Rob’s strong voice that seemed to bounce off the walls when he preached but there was one time when he Called Aimee up to sing “My Girl” to her. It was one of the most touching things I had ever seen him do. Pastor Rob will be missed beyond words. Rest now Pastor, you made it through those pearly gates to behold the face of our Savior. My heartfelt condolences go to Ginger and their entire family…
Corina Aragón
Pastor Rob. You impacted my life. You helped me in so many ways become who I am today. You truly are a man after God’s heart. You left a imprint on my heart. I thank God for you. You will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed. You are God’s Best‼️❤️ My deepest condolences to Pastor Ginger, Andrew, Aimee and the family
Nancy Oviedo Pattillo
I am from Singapore. Pastor Rob Carman preached at our church years ago once. I was very encouraged by his sermon. He left us his name card, and I decided to subscribe to his weekly encouragement. Those weekly messages were instrumental in helping me go through some of the toughest times in my life. You have been a blessing to me, and I will also remember you and your family. May our good Lord continue to watch over your family and loved ones.
Linda Teo
Rob was a joy and a blessing. My husband and I listened to his teachings most nights before bed. He will be missed by so many. Apparently the Lord said his work here was done, good and faithful servant! Blessings to your family,
Charla Defoe
Attended Victory Love in Albuquerque NM, I was 17 years old when my family made Victory Love our home Church. I was involved with the youth group in the 80’s. Rob Carmen introduced us to Spiritual warfare by praying in the spirit before each service, which has influenced me to this day. God used Rob in a tremendous way to help me grow in Christ and learn to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me.
Gilbert Vela
We honour you Pastor Rob for your life work and your faithfulness and obedience to the call of God. You shared the love and hope of Jesus with everyone you met. Thank you for inspiring us with your amazing messages and stories. One of the messages you shared with our church back in 2008 was a turning point in my life, it challenged me to quit my job and follow my true life calling and work and start Australia's first non profit law firm, where we help and minister to families going through separation and divorce. You never failed to encourage, uplift and inspire. Thank you your legacy will not be forgotten.
Carolyn Devries
My deepest condolences to Rob’s family. Such a great loss for society but a great gain for Heaven. Rob’s messages were a great influence and encouragement to me. They increased my faith and perseverance. I’m so thankful for the life and faith of this great man. He will truly be missed.
Mary Ann Poole
Dr. Carman made such an impact on my Life! He took a young pup under his wing and opened his world to me. He taught me to not sit and think but to go and do. He had a way of making you feel like you can make a difference in the world and when you find your life in God you go and leave an imprint!! He had a special way that he Pastored, preached and punched people!! I want to be apart of carrying on his legacy!!!
David Taylor
Amazing DR. Ps. Rob, he has BIG impact in my life and my husband life to remember that God is good, God is faithfull, do not despise a small beginning as it can turn to BIG things, perseverance, running is good for you, rest in God, never give up and many many more. Thank you for your life in serving God and blessing others. You are missed but we shall see you later for eternity. Enjoy your rewards and treasures in Heaven. Thank you Jesus for Ps Rob’s life and bless Ps Rob’s family and gives them strength and protect them in your loving Arms.
Dorothy King
Dr. Rob was such an inspiration! His passion for the Lord was infectious and he always made me want to be a better Christian, striving to be closer to God. He will be missed, but we know he is walking with Jesus and we will remember him with the big smile on his face!
Kim and Tom Beckham
Rob’s teachings have taught me to think and live a different way. He has given me hope in the midst of my despair and shown me the way out. I will miss his continual care by his words and writings. May God richly bless and comfort you, Ginger.
Rob and his energy, zeal for God, and God's men always challenged me to do more. Rob was a friend of Ed Cole and that same DNA was evident and drew us together. We laughed a lot. We believed the same. I will miss him. He was the essence of an Intense Man! We Go.
GF Watkins
Wow! What an impact Pastor Rob had on our lives, we were saved, and completely delivered under the ministry - Kathy worked in the office until I moved to Espanola NM. We both graduated from the school of ministry Kathy in 92, and David in 93. We learned valuable tools that we have used in ministry to this very day! We founded the Journey church in 2005 and have seen a number of souls come into the kingdom all of which will become jewels in Pastor Rob's crown! Praying for the family. FOREVER GRATEFUL!
Pastor David & Pastor Kathy Florez
The first time I saw Dr Rob preach he was a man on fire in the nation of Papua New Guinea. The local people were deeply impacted by his powerful presentation of Gods Word and of course his anointed story telling. Getting to know Dr Rob in subsequent years I was always inspired by his vision, faith and determination to reach the world. He has left an example of continual service and faithfulness, and I will continue to endeavour to imitate his life and commitment in this way. So “let’s all waive our Bibles in the air and make the devil mad!”
Andrew McLennan
My first experience with Dr. Rob Carman was at Christ For The Nations' opening rally in the fall of 2001. He shared one of his major life messages, "Unstoppable", and by the end of that message I (and every other person in the audience) was ready to change the world for Jesus. In my experiences with Dr. Carman over the following 20 years, this was really the major theme of Rob's life and the gift that He was to so many people. He was (and I'm sure continues to be) the quintessential embodiment of Spirit-filled encouragement. His life and presence imparted the gift of faith. You couldn't hang out with him and not feel emboldened. And Rob, in his unceasing desire to charge forward with anyone who would come along for the fight, could have asked for no better partner than Ginger. A charging force without a strong line of supplies and reinforcements is inevitably cut off and destroyed. Ginger was Rob's supply line for sure, the one keeping track of all of the requirements and needs for continued advancement. This godly power-couple changed our lives. They not only provided a model for our marriage and ministry partnership, but they were there for us when it was time for us to step out in faith. For thirteen year, our family served as spiritual children in Trinity Church Dallas, under Pastors Joe and Nancy Martin. Rob and Ginger were a continual encouragement to us as we grew from members to staff to associate pastors in the church, but their greatest influence came when it was time to leave our wonderful spiritual family to go and plant and parent another family, Wellspring.Live. They encouraged us, coached us, and inspired us as we were in the process of stepping out. We are having the best time of our lives and pastoring the vision God gave us because of the challenge and encouragement we received from the Carmans. We wouldn't be here without them. We wouldn't be here in this glorious and amazing adventure with God without the booming voice and the wonderful conversations about history and overcomers. Rob was a giant and made us feel like giants. And Ginger... the faithful "Oh, Rob" in the background and the down to earth conversations about life... Rob and Ginger, thank you so much for including us in your lives. Thank you for inviting us into your home. Thank you for loving on our children. Where would we be? Seriously... Where would we be without the two of you? Just a couple of your many kids, Matt & Sako
Matt and Sako
Wow! What an impact Pastor Rob had on our lives, we were saved, and completely delivered under the ministry - Kathy worked in the office until I moved to Espanola NM. We both graduated from the school of ministry Kathy in 92, and David in 93. We learned valuable tools that we have used in ministry to this very day! We founded the Journey church in 2005 and have seen a number of souls come into the kingdom all of which will become jewels in Pastor Rob's crown! Praying for the family. FOREVER GRATEFUL!
Pastor David & Pastor Kathy Florez
Tengo 30 años leyendo la Biblia y nunca había visto tan profundo e importante que es el perdonar gracias al Señor Rob hoy hay un después Dios les de consuelo y paz a su familia
Berenice Marquéz García
He created a wonderful legacy in this world and left his mark upon my life. He was a force to be reckoned with, because of the source on which he depended. His departure led me to dig through the archives and find this inspired cover sheet for an assignment I did when he was a guest instructor at CFNI School of Missions back in 2002. These poses were just natural for him, lol! I'm gonna miss him...
Brian Brown
I want to thank God almighty for Pastor Rob Carmen came to know Jesus Christ even more started attending the old church God almighty had used him to impact my Life in knowing Jesus Christ more , He had so much Compassion for the word of God , Pastor Rob Carmen had a genuine Godly Spirit,n he was on Fire for Jesus , Pastor Rob,n Ginger Carmen are the ones who Started Victory love fellowship, We Missed him n his Wife Ginger greatly n always thought about them and prayed for them,)( My Spiritual Life had grown so much I never forget the heart pillow I Embroidered for them saying Rob and Ginger ,😍😍 he even went out of his way to make bonfires for the congregation at night and picnics Pastor Rob Carmen made them very fun ,)(My husband Rudolph Leyba said he attended Victory Love Fellowship later on n stated that he started with Pastor Rob Carmen as well that he made a big impact in his life as well and got baptized in his church as well we will Miss him greatly but we will see him again to be forever with the Lord we also pray for Ginger Carmen and their two children for comfort and strength in this time of sorrow ,)(We love you both and will continue praying for you Ginger Carmen and your children,,,)(Love always
Libby Baca Leyba n Rudolph Leyba
My heartfelt condolences to Mrs Carmen & Family🙏🏻 I was truly impacted by Robert Carmen preach such a dynamic preacher of God Word😊 I received Jesus Christ at Victory Love in Albuquerque in 1980! I continue to listen to Rob Carmen on Youtub. What a Man if God! My prayers are with the family
Lisa Gurulw
Heard Rob for the first time only a few months ago at Freedom Life in PA. His impact was felt by many as he shared with us over a few-day period. His humorous and engaging style was real and enabled him to impact many. The amazing stories he shared, as well as the fun way he presented them, had our people laughing and encouraged as he challenged us. His message of hope in overcoming depression gave hope and After he left I sighed up for the newsletter and enjoyed them weekly. He will be missed by many around the world. In a world of millions, he was a rare breed. I pray blessings upon his family as they honor his memory and celebrate his life.
Chuck Chettle
We have a ministry in Albuquerque NM called Faith Comes By Hearing and we were working with churches to help people engage in the Bible through listening. Our goal was to reach the 80% in the church who were not reading the Bible but we were failing, though we had worked with 137,000 churches in the USA. But I felt like we were really close to the solution and being a member of Victory Love I shared with Rob what I had learned our failures and my thinking on what would work. He looked at it and suggested a few changes and then agreed to do a church wide project that got over 80% of the church to listen to the Bible. The process he created was a model that we used in 65,000 US churches seeing millions of people hearing God’s Word for the first time and being transformed. He was a visionary that could make things simple. But equal to this was his passion for the lost internationally and both of us were learning about Africa and the world together. He had made a connection with a pastor in Nigeria with a huge church that came to visit. Rob invited him to tour our ministry and this pastor caught a vision for having the Audio Bible in the languages of Nigeria and sent Rev. Theo Asare on his staff to come and learn how we could do this in Africa. This lead to our first studio in Africa and a vision to do drama recordings of the Bible in all of the languages of the world. Today we have recordings is over 1500 languages and have started 1.2 million Faith Comes By Listening programs with over 100 Million poor and illiterate people gathering weekly to listen to the Bible in their own mother tongue. Rob planted the seed that has grown into a tree that is reaching the nations. For me and Mary personally one of the great series that Rob taught was on the Blood Covenant. This message had a deep impact on our lives and of those whom we passed it on to. We are forever thankful for Rob’s life and ministry and his passion of people and the nations and for Ginger and how they befriended us and championed the ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing. Thank you Rob and my you rejoice at the millions who join you in worshiping our Lord because of the fruit of your life.
Morgan Jackson