The Celebration of Rob’s Life

I want to thank so many of you that have sent personal messages to me regarding the impact that Rob had on your life. Those have been a tremendous blessing to read and reflect on. I need your help in putting those into one place. And this is how.

We have set up a page on our website to share a memory or a message of how Rob helped you. This way, we can preserve all those messages in one place to read to our grandkids about their papa/grandpa.

The Celebration of Rob’s life is being held June 23, at Trinity Church, 4300 Cole Avenue, Dallas, Texas, at 11 am. We will be live-streaming the service through the Trinity Dallas church website, and if you miss it, we will have a link to watch it later. Reminder details will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and our site.

1 thought on “The Celebration of Rob’s Life”

  1. Gilbert Garcia

    Pastor Rob Carman was an awesome preacher at VLF. I had fell away from the Lord, in the military at KAFB, when I heard of this church. I went and immediately fell attracted to his preaching. I re-dedicated my life to the Lord. I’ve been serving the Lord since. My wife and I were married at VLF. Thx Pastor Rob. My condolences to the family.

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